Honda CRV Gas Mileage

I bought a 2014 Honda CRV EX FWD a few weeks ago. I had a 2008 Honda Civic EXL Sedan. I drive about 500 miles a week on the interstate. The Civic keeping it below 2000 RPM related to below 61 MPH got 38 miles per gallon. Going faster than 2000 RPM which is faster than 61 MPH got me a solid 28 MPG.

I drive about 20 miles per day around in the city. I average 32 MPG in town driving. I coast up to a stop sign and signals that are red. I do not so to say step on the gas. I maintain a speed at about 45 MPH if the law permits it. I am not a hazard or causing any delays driving this way. I am keeping up with traffic. Once the red light turns green I zoom to the speed limit then again maintain the posted speed.

Why? Checking the instant fuel mileage a few times reviews this. If you get 5 MPG gallon for a distance of 200 feet then once up to speed you just stay at that steady speed. If you get 18 MPG over a 600 of feet. You will be getting 38 MPG sooner thus over the mile less the 200 feet. It is early and my distances are off.

5 MPG over 200 feet then 40MPG over the balance of the mile
15 MPG over a distance of 400 feet then 40MPG over the balance of the mile

Crap. If you zoom to the speed limit you will get an overall better MPG vs slowly creeping up to the speed limit. It is true try it. I had always thought creeping up to 60 MPH would get me better MPG but it doesn't. Accelerating up to 63 MPH faster then overall for the balance of the first mile you'll average will be much higher. Difference will be 15 MPG vs 25 MPG.

The 2014 Honda CRV EX for the past week has gotten me about 28 MPG. So where is the sweet spot on the CRV? The civic is gone and I have been checking the CRV mileage at various speeds.

Cruise control on or off air conditioner on or off on the interstate a whopping 44.4 MPG keeping the RPM below 2,000 which relates to 63 MPH.

I get up to speed fairly fast then I merely maintain the speed. I try not to do anything like accelerate up or down. I keep my foot on the pedal and just maintain the 63 MPH.

Update:2-16-18-I haven't reset my mileage gauge on settings B for a while. 
12,562 miles I have gotten 25.2 MPG.

I always say I have more time then money so I drive this way all the time.

Thank you