Ultra-thin Pocket Mini Credit Card Mobile Phone

Reading about alternates to a well known e commerce website I clicked on the links and checked them out. On one I searched cell phones to determine if I could find a seller of the LG product types maybe at a lower price. I then stumbled on this. A credit card sized mobile phone. This one is particular works on the T-Mobile network. At $29.00 including shipping I may buy one and if it works then we are golden.

At $29.00 as just a cell phone and it breaks I really won't care I'll buy another. You check it and even though this may not be for everyone it sure beats the hell out of paying $500 to $800.00 over time for a cell phone.

Well maybe I just didn't know what to search. I guess I've been caught up in the cell phone do everything mode for years. I would like to find a super low priced cell phone maybe priced at $45.00 that had a great camera and 3G as well as a hotspot capability. This post is I guess for those of us that never even knew this was going on.

Cell phones have turned into remote TV remotes, Video players, games players, camera's, email systems. If you need just a cell phone to do what your old land line did which is to allow us to talk to anyone we please without of the other capabilities then this may be an answer,

Banggood.com Odd name but I guess they like it better than damngood.com. Here is the link to a cell phone you should look at. This link is to a more expensive cell phone $42.00 I'd like to finance that over 24 months please.


This one runs on Android. Click Here.

Thank you