Email Spam and Unwanted Emails

Over time you find a website that is interesting and you subscribe. Do It Yourself or automobile news, bands, clothing, shows and plays and do good groups and OMG. Vacation cruises or places to visit during the summer or where to grow a garden or fish. Movies and technical news and well this and that. Kim got a butt implant and her ass sticks out as much as her daughters. The list goes on and on.

I am so tired of the emails pouring in daily that just seems like a waste of time. I could take reading what excites them and they think for some unknown reason that they need to share with me. Once a week.

I would rather them send me a summary once a month or a few times a year. Every day every week well go away. I am a non technical human. I figured out how to "block" the emails. It is awesome I'll not check my email during the evening and in the morning nothing has come to me.

I no longer want to read about the Costco Auto program. Don't want to read about the local weather alerts. It is hot and not going to rain I already know that. All the emails I used to get are like one of my friends on FaceBook. This lady wants to share and share OMG stop it. She is a nice lady but I don't want to see an update about what thrills her. I had to unfollow her on FB. I then went thru my FB people and began the I don't want to be notified about crap from anyone.

Three months ago I began my blocking campaign. Skip my in box and move straight into my trash can. No longer hanging out in my spam file. I have stopped looking in my spam folder because spam just sucks. I just click the little button and it all goes away.

Now every few days I send myself an email just to make sure the system is working. Just seems somewhat sad. Almost pathetic.

Soap box back under my bed.