Stop ISIS by Hacking

These men and women have the talent to be able to infiltrate websites and do serious damage.

It is kind of funny that I cheer this group on but I do.

In a different idea lets all do something at the exact same time all around the world. All time zones at the exact second that we declare we go to one website and we all fill out an inquiry form. We will shut the website down in seconds. Say 4.5 million click on the website at the exact minute. I set the date hour, minute and second and you tell your friends and everyone everywhere within your social circle and on and on. We determine the best time and set it.

Dreaming what the power of the people really means.

They will and are going to do the following.
Knock the  ISIS  network off line.
Messages will not be real and they will begin to second guess themselves.

Maybe just maybe they will get the  ISIS  members to kill each other.

I think they will be able to transfer the  ISIS  money to the people that need it.

They have declared war on  ISIS .

Are you a serious technoid?

I am not or I would take the class and assist them but I can not. I could not move the
cables from my old cable box to the new one. Just couldn't figure out where the FOUR
cables went. Piss on it the techs will be here Friday.

Lots of people in the world know about Anonymous so I am doing my part by guiding anyone that comes to my website to click on the links below. Watch and listen all links then search YouTube for
Anonymous and continue reading and listening in fact enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail or a joint if it legal where you are.
First of all watch and listen to this Anonymous

Then somewhat the same but their code is at the end Click below.          


Woof woof


Lastly A super technoid coder that is looking for a job changing the world?