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As it works out there are many places on this website where you have to opportunity to download or at least look at Google Analytics. You need a Gmail account but at that website you can read about what Google offers. Opening an account and registering your website or blog will enable you to see what people type in to find your website.

I see that most find this website aka blog by searching the name I have used which is Website Booster. Once you get to the Google Analytics you must take steps to verify that you have control of the website. Control to Google means that you have access to the HTML code. If you have access to it or can get someone to place a small code in the correct spot then the Google system program will find the code then you will have to add it to a couple other places then your done.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports are available all the time. The report will show you what countries visit and the key words used an more. Take a look a Google Analytics.

Keep changing keywords and you will increase your hits or visitors. Google offers SEO suggestions and that is how to increase your visitor count. There is also a small code you can down load off the internet and add to the HTML code. This allows you to add specific words to also get your website to rise in the ranks.

Google will explain that good content and titles will help you website rise in the ranks.