Go-Daddy and Go-Daddy Coupons Buy domains

So this is how and where I buy my domains. First I open a window to Google search page and reduce it. I then open another Google search page. You would then log into your Go-Daddy account or register. I then type in to the other Google Search page the following term. Go-Daddy Coupons. I typically pick the third of forth website. You must be able to copy the code and place it into your account when you are about to pay. the amount due.

Now I reduce the search page showing the coupons and bring up the other Google search page on Go-Daddy's front page. I then begin to type in domain names. I am after the .com's but if that is not available I buy .info's.

Yesterday I had six domains I wanted to buy. The total invoice was $71 and change. I was satisfied with my purchases. I then moved on the steps to buy the domains and really don't care if anyones knows I am buying what I am buying and I am not interested in the email service or anything else Go-Daddy is offering so I click
"No Thanks" from that point on.

I am now at the total due page and
I begin to copy in the discount codes. It takes me five tries and I find one on the page I am on that reduces the amount to $48.00. I get a $23.56 discount. I used a domain named Retail Me Not.com.

These discount codes work for hosting as well as renewals an more. Do not accept that the total is what you pay. Try all the codes that apply to what you are doing.

It was getting late and I click apply the discount and pay the invoice.

Hope this helps everyone save money.

Thank you