Adobe update 1602 1612 error code Update Problem is gone September 2010

I have dealt with an update for a month regarding  my adobe reader. I have not been able to install the update and it has been a huge pain. Reading today I found that if you first have to register then go to the download page. Download the latest and greatest Adobe reader. 9.3 and install it and it happily goes away.

Well it is back. I am so tired of this. Keep telling me to find the source. Hope I am not the last person on earth to have figure this out.

I use Microsoft Defender a Free Down load to protect my PC from bad things. Inside Defender is an option to view all programs running at the Start up and just running now and more. I deleted the Adobe update.exe. I also stopped it from running along with a few other programs.

As it turned out just as I finished deleting the Adobe Update.exe then I rebooted my system. I figured that if I need to update Adobe I will do it on my own when I want to. It works just fine so I don't think it needs any of their enhancements.

It is gone. YEA