On line Credit Card fees vs QuickBooks First Data- I found a great one

I have used on-line credit card processing and QuickBooks Pro forever. I used Quick Books since the program came out on diskettes. I have been a loyal customer and they never ever cared about the little guys.

They do what they do because they can. Well I am sick and tired of them making my business tougher to survive. The credit card fees today were the last blow for me. 

Today I spent two hours researching and finding someone that is not only better but I can actually call and talk to without smoke and mirrors. The lady at Intuit didn't care about me anymore than the man in the moon.
I am surprised that she didn't make me pay $160.00  to ask a few questions. 

Is it the man in the moon or the man on the moon. Ugh. Here today I am bringing this up for everyone out there to read and to take what I am saying is a way to save money. Intuit charges me $19.95 a month and 2.44% and 3.54% as well as a tiny .29 per transaction. The percentages add up to 5.98%. Well I now have $25.00 a month fee plus a total of 3.98% and the .21. That is huge money to save. 

You do more then you have a chance to get a better rate over that I would imagine. 

Alright I will step off my soapbox now. Check these guys out at The Transaction Group. Tell them code JRATL and also mention that you are mad at QuickBooks Pro and Intuit. 888.383.8056 

Thank you.