Google’s Do-It-Yourself App Creation Software-As I see it?

Google will make available a software that you can actually create your own Apps. It is the Do-It-Yourself App Creation Software. Microsoft would have never done this much less let us do this for free!  Yahoo would not have allowed us as well. 

Did you know you can submit a domain or URL to Google for free and yahoo charges. The difference between these businesses is that by Google giving programs away they indeed will become far richer and grow so much faster than everyone else. They are greedy as everyone else but they have thought about it and figured out a way that brings them so much more money.  The apps program was tested has been done mainly in schools with groups that included sixth graders, high school girls, nursing students and university undergraduates who are not computer science majors. Now these testers are in my league.  They are the nice helpful search engine. So it goes.JRATL