Anti-Spyware A waste of Money!

The Rip-Off: Type "virus" or "spyware" into Google and up pops a bevy of programs claiming to be the most effective at scrubbing your hard drive. Many don't work, and some are spyware themselves, burrowing into your computer looking for information that hackers can use to steal your identity. Beware programs that "scan" your system for free, only to then ask for $50 to clean things up. Says Alissa Cooper, chief computer scientist at the Center for Democracy & Technology: "A lot of this stuff isn't only ineffective, it's actually malicious."

Microsoft offers Defender for FREE. Just go on line and down load it. Your system will be checked to verify that your are not using bogus software. Works great. Try Spotbot search on that and if your inclined give them a few dollars.
How To Avoid It: Visit suppliers at the Antispyware Coalition's website.

Three years ago before I gave up the paid subscription I bought a new packaged version that allowed me a free update. I bought a unopened copy that was two years old. I installed it then the program scanned my PC and I down loaded all the updates and I used it for two years for about $10.00. I no longer used any paid versions.