See ads to increase hits in 48 Hours

I see the ads to increase hits in 48 hours. 
The question is who are the hits from? The 
answer is the search engines. Smart programs
that do not spend money or look around your
website. I think what you want is a human 
being to give the hits. A human being is looking 
for you and your business. I hope that once 
they arrive at your location they spend money.

I want used laptops and I want them cheap in
the Atlanta area. I boosted 
I buy laptops Atlanta.
I get a call a week from someone wanting me to 
buy their old laptop. It works and today I will
buy a P4-1.9 ghz laptop with all the bells and
whistles for $75.00 and turn around and sell
it for $250.00. I may even keep it. It has a 
DVDRW and is wireless with XP Pro installed.