Web Site Search Optimization

Web Site Search Optimization is pretty much 
done the way I have explained to you on this 
one long page. It is a confused page and I 
agree but this website does not cost me anything 
and it is hosted for free by Google. It generates 
me enough to pay for my cell phone service 
every month. 

That is about it. I have tried to explain to you 
the best I can how to get your website on the 
first page. I have given you proof but i guess 
since I don't have flashy rockets and all this
and that you don't believe I can do it. 

I am in the process of sending other websites 
to number one and your website is sitting 
somewhere between the second page and the 
page that is at I don't 1,400. Oh well. Life is good. 
The first suggestion I would make to everyone 
is to verify the website is in order then well it 
is on the page.

Remember now that you have read my entire 
page and have decided to go with a business 
that has flashy bells and whistles they will do 
the same that I have described here
for a whole lot more.

Have Fun,
On another note what Google and Yahoo and 
so on want you to do is to add links from one 
of your websites to another. They trust one that
they know you own then they will trust another.
JRATL To the left of this line is another I have.