Find your competition by using search terms

I typed in Computer store and wrote down all the business names that came up. The top three was the extent of my concern.

I wrote down every word in my spiral ringed notebook as I thought of them. At night I searched the terms on the web and wrote down how many matches and the business names of the first three. I checked both Google and Yahoo. I did this for weeks trying to determine my keywords.

Those business names that were in the pay per click area really are of no concern. They have a budget and when they hit their maximum they drop off. The next month they are back.

It is the companies that are in the natural lists that are your competition.

I had five pages of terms and notes next to them all. How many matches.
Computer Excess
The names of the businesses. 31.9 Million matches on Google or 139 Million on Yahoo.
On and on. Take your time. Do not duplicate efforts and look for the best search terms.

I zoned in on what I thought was the top fifty then what I had to figure out was how to beat them. Looking at their websites and checking their keywords was what I was after. I realized that the search term I used was also in their website. In their website in a place where I could read it along with everyone else.

I wrote it down or checked it off.

More later