Domain Analysis 1 to 3 domains An Offer

I will make this offer to you.
Pay to have me run an analysis on your website and
if this does not reveal any problems I will apply the funds
against the purchase of the submission to directories.

How about that. I would guess out of every 20 websites
I check 18 have problems that need to be fixed. I will
give you suggestions on what needs to be done.

I will perform a domain analysis on one to three domains
of your choice. In the notes within PayPal if what I added
works your email address along with the domain names.
I will do the analysis and email you the description and
keywords on each. The analysis will be emailed to you
within 24 hours.

Soon I will be offering the same method I have used to
submit domains to search engines. It will be your choice
to submit to 50, 100, 150,  200, 250, 300 different

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google
and I do not. I do know of a method that will cause 
your website AKA domain name to rise in the ranks 
over time. Typically months once you fix your 
description and meta tags.

I firmly believe and I have proof that once you submit 
your domain to directories it will move from the 
bottom 10 million upwards over time. My method is 
not quick it is not expensive either. 

It will help. It has helped me and if you do as I suggest
yours will rise as well over time. 

I need to email you a form to fill out then thats it.

Thank you