Determine the search words for your domain website

I began to search for a URL or Domain for computer blog. I took out a notebook and went to Network Solutions to begin my work. I wrote down in my notebook computer store then computer lab then computer knowledge then computer Atlanta then on and on and on. I always used my notebook so that I wouldn't duplicate my effort. A few later I saw a website named super computer warehouse and thought hmm.
I began the computer this and computer that and found that computer parts warehouse was available and I right then and there took out my American Express and bought computer parts Cost me $10.00 for year. I then moved on and began all the options I could think of concerning the same groups words.

In an hour I bought IBM parts Dell parts Lexmark parts HP Laser I ended my section with Cisco parts The .com was taken I guess I could have gone on but I stopped. I was happy with the domain names. 

Lost my thoughts I was telling a story to you. So whatever your business is write a few words then at Network Solutions to me is the easiest to search for names and I don't buy them there rarely. I search there then I drift over to Go-Daddy and get my page ready and set to once again search out what I think is available.

I then reduce that page and type in Go-Daddy Coupons. I read the current deals then reduce that page and begin filling my shopping cart. Once I see that I am up to about $30 to $75.00 dollars I reduce the page and look at the coupon page. I copy the coupon numbers into the spot almost at the bottom where it states "update" shopping cart and I work this for five minutes until I have it at the lowest price I can get it. 

I do not request anything else. I do not care. I go for one year and let people see that I beat them to it. Who cares. I don't want email and that's that. I pay them then let them sit. 

I am going to yap at you for a minute about my domains.

A couple of months later I thought when the elections were coming up hmm. I found then I bought a group using those combinations of words. 

Three years earlier I bought Who Stands for and then I bought all the URL's so I have .info .org .biz and so on. I finished the group with World who stands for and so on. 

I have a hundred or URL's so. I have tried the parking method to make money and I haven't made a dime so I don't let them do anything with them either. I let them sleep.

I tried to buy special ones that have to do with computers such as data recovery service los angeles or data recovery service Atlanta, The ones that have to do with DUI Atlanta, IRS and tax attorney I'd rather not those people come to my website Just kidding I'd rather stick to the computer or Political ones or even looking for Donate your car. 

Buying domains, domain search, domain appraisals, domain parking, domain email, domain parking, domain websites, buying domains and selling domains just be careful.

I have them at yahoo small business and at Network Solutions. Go-daddy has a deal where as if you move your domains to Go-Daddy they take them for $6.99 and extend the annual date by a year and include it in the price. So I would buy them where ever and just before the year is up move them to Go-Daddy for $6.99 and they will give a year for that price. I do not think there is a better deal out there for a year. Remember to check the coupon page just before you let them charge your card.
Good luck hunting! 
Thank You.