Another bit of proof Dropped down one position in 8 years

computer excess
The number one using the natural ranking is Southern Refurb.
Using Google Search or Yahoo.
Check for yourself.
Took us two months to submit it to hundreds of directories.

I waited six months for the domain name to move to number one six
years ago. Cost me a one time fee of about $100.00.

Now that I say that in public it will drop like a rock.
Dropped one position. What did I tell you.
It was first place for eight years.
A company not based in the US took my spot. Doesn't
make sense to me so maybe they are paying to get one over
First a website analysis then you fix the errors.
We charge $50.00 for this.
Fix the glitches then we can move on.
Send us an email to with
the domain name.
Thank you