Buy a Domain Name then domain hosting

Read my blog will take you a few minutes.Then copy something like the words in bold into your search engine and search out and check out their details.

Buying a Domain Name. Figure out a short domain name. Search at Yahoo Domains is one of the easiest. Go-Daddy, domain name yahoo or Network Solutions to see if the .com is available. The .com is the extension you want to buy. No others are as good as this one. Then you can use Yahoo Web Hosting or Go-Daddy and Network Solutions. This is who I use and have used them all for years. The only thing I would advise is not to have them auto-renew. Even though I am a VIP account I get taken advantage of.

Register a domain name and how to register a domain name. Once you find a domain 
name to buy and you are happy with it then then drift over to G-daddy and open an account. Once you have the account then quickly and quickly buy your domain name. 

Remember to use Go-Daddy Coupons as I tell you where they are hiding.

The auto-renew option will cost you about $34.00 to renew a domain URL for a year. If you call them the price is $10.00 to $14.00 a year. Buy the domains from a Google affiliate such as Go-Daddy.Begin to search for a great domain name. 
Buy domains here. I have fifty domains sitting on on blogs and renewal is a tough time. 

They will not let you loose them. I assure you they will email you over and over alerting that the date is coming up.You still can get it back for the low price if you do not react until the data has passed. Not available then see if you can buy it or find another. One thing you must do is quickly buy a domain name and even get a simple cheap beginning website out there as soon as you can. The reason is that the search engines like the sites that have been out there for years. 

Why who knows.Maybe because they are trusted sites. I suggest buying one right away and launching it as soon as possible. Days quickly turn into months and then years. Maybe not years but do it right away. My site has been active for years and Google really is kind to me because of that.It will help you in the long run and this is what it is all about. It is believed that Google gives more weight to links from older sites than newer ones. 
Google's top ten is usually filled with older sites. 
The reason this theory makes sense is that spammers routinely build throwaway sites. They know that their methods will eventually be discovered so they abandon the domains and move on to new ones. Then all these websites offer website starter kits or letting the domains just sit or park. Once you have decided to build a website then you can have them host it for you.I use yahoo web hosting and others. Another option is become a pay per click affiliate. is a sponsor so there are many ways to make money with just a domain and a little time. 

Thank you