Free Newsreader FREE TRAIL Fixed at Zero cost and Norton

I had always been a loyal user of Norton Utilities until the economy got the way it is. Saving money is the name of the game now and will be for another year for most of us. Norton costs $49.00 a year to renew. Well this year I did not renew the Norton program. 

A few of my friends took a chance on Ebay and bought sealed Norton Virus protection that was one year old. Paid $8.00 just for the sealed CD. The Version allowed a free update so that put it current. $8.00 every two years isn't bad.

They're are enough free services out there or maybe not free but for $10.00 a year. This problem I down loaded was fixed using all the Free or cheap software I have installed on my system. I used Spybot which found it and I had run a few times for the program to get it out of my Windows XP Professional. The Microsoft offers a program by the name of Defender no cost. Included in a free download from the Microsoft Website. This caught it as well and refused it to activate.

So I do not need Norton at $50.00 a year. I do not need McAfee either and neither do you. Now had I still used a dial up modem it may have caused some problems but these two programs for about $10.00 a year saved me.

Here is a link to Microsoft Defender and here is a link to Spybot.
Thank you.