The Web Site Booster SEO

The web site Booster is a method that will take your web site to the the first or second page in a short amount of time. Typically you have two options to reach the top of the search rankings.

The easiest and fastest is to pay for Web Search Optimization. SEO. Pay per click is another way to get your site to a number one position on every page on which ever search engine you decide to go with. The pay per click areas are the sponsored areas on all search engines at the top or on the side columns. Web site marketing is the newest term for this search optimization.

The customer or the web searcher will see your site listed and if your description of services or product types are what they are looking for then the customer will click on your link.

In some cases people buy web site domain names with the intent on building a web site part time or when they get around to it. I am one of those people. Many years ago I was involved in the computer business and I began buying web site domain names somewhat related to my business. At some point in time I wanted to build web sites to help my business. Once a year I'd buy another domain name or so until I had twenty in my inventory. I never had the time to build a site. I ended up paying the fees every year to keep them without generating any money. I read about web site parking. You can own a domain name and go to a web search company or the web hosting business you registered it at and move it into a parked area.

The web site hosting service will typically put ads on it and if it is a good name people will come to it and click on your links and you will make money. I had no idea even though the service was offered by the same business that I had the domain names parked at. Now as I search the web I see them everywhere. I had no idea.

The second way is to get your web site linked to as many search engines as possible.

On your check list the one biggest areas that most people do not work on is setting their Meta Tags to correspond to their business profile. Once you have determined the best Meta Tags for your site then you must also use those same words in the readable part of their web site.
This will enable your web site to organically rise in the ranks.

I have checked about two thousand web sites and that is the biggest problem I have seen. Misspelled Meta Tags or just errors in general. Too many keywords and or key phrases in the Keyword or description area. The keywords and or the description is limited to a certain number of words. The problem is that you want to maximize the number of yet do not exceed them number allowed. Exceeding actually does more harm to your ranking then not using as many as you are allowed.

Google has fabulous opportunities available to everyone. You do not have to be educated on it but you need to know the basis or you need to be friends with your web designer.

This one process will save you money and organically lift your web site over time.

Thank you