Read the Oldest Date to the Newest Date

Read the three articles I have written from the bottom up. Well I guess if you did this it would be reading it backwards. Read the first article I wrote to the latest. This is will give you a better beginning so that you do not get ahead of yourself.

In this set up I should be able to figure this out but as in my brief bio I am a salesman I am certainly not technical. My understanding of what I am explaining to you will me in simple not too deep in technical descriptions because I do not understand them.

Reading these articles will help you get your site however higher in the ranks. It has worked for me and it will work for you.

I just want you to eliminate and of the easy problems that your site has now and those problems are causing your site to just sit and be passed my others. I have seen it in a few days where as my of my site was number 6,000 and another passed me by one weekend.

I understand that I mentioned line 6,000 but I searched for my site one weekend and set the my search page to show 100 matches per page and I scrolled down 330 pages. It took me most of one Saturday but i found my site.

Google States that Meta Tags are not used anymore like Microsoft States they no longer use DOS.

I made a few changes to the Meta Tags and I jumped 50 pages in a week. Now that is results. Read what I have explained to you from the first dated article upward.

Thank you