An Organic search to number one

The following is an example of the Meta Tags performing correctly and not paying for pay per clicks nor any other type of sponsored links. Once you search on this term actually it is two words both in lower case you will find that these two words will bring up a few hundred thousand links to web sites.

The first line on top under the sponsored links will be the subject we are discussing.

Copy the following search term into the search engine of your choice.

computer excess

Then search on that term exactly as it is in the above line. I believe will see a listing by the name of Southern Refurb. This company corrected their Meta Tags and kept the terms such as computer excess in the site where as you can find it and read it thus further assisting the search engines in finding it. This company did pay something but it was not a great deal of money and it took a few months but rose to the top and stayed.

Thank You