Find your web site using your Keywords-Lesson One

Try to find you web site on the web using your Keywords that pertain to your web site. So if you are an accountant offering services in Atlanta. Your web site is about accounting services for the individual as well as the lets say small business.

Typically this is how you will find your competition because odds are you did not use these keywords or key phrases in your meta tag nor in your web site. In most cases you used your own personal name and or company name. No one knows your name outside of your circle of influence. It is one of my jobs I have taken on to teach you how to increase your circle of influence so many many more will know your name. They may not know your face but they will know your name and company name.

I advise people to began with a spiral ringed notebook so that the pages will not come out and you will not have to repeat any efforts. I would look for you on the web using these terms as an example.

Accountant Atlanta or accounting services (name of my town or city) Or accounting small business or accounting (then my zip code). I search a minimum of two hundred terms maybe more. Be creative in your search. It helps if you find someone that has an idea of what you do to search for your business. The rule is they can not type in your domain name. In my case the terms I used I thought were the common ones for my business. I was wrong. I had failed to use a few key easy terms and I didn't realize till years later.

In the past few years I decided to go after a different career and I may not ever add those words to my site. Just depends on how my new sales career goes. If you do as I suggest I truly would begin with the note book and this should take you a month or two to finish. I would write down the keyword search term then the total number of matches and finally the top one or two matches using the search engine of your choice.

Once you are done tell someone you are an accountant and how what words would they use to find you on the web and take notes. Use the terms they suggest to you and do your research logging the findings in that note book. 
Thank you