FBI has locked my Browser

Huge virus scam out there. Just went to a website and it happened to me. The y website suggests you buy a money card and enter the card number and pay them some amount of money.

FIRST THING NOT TO PANICK. Do not turn off the device. the desktop the laptop whatever.


Okay now. First I closed all the search engine pages I had open. The one with the FBI you are looking at bad stuff stayed open. I wasn't able to close the browser. dang nabbit.
Move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the page. The lower bar.
Left Click on bar once.
Right click and click task manager.
In applications you will see whats running. 
I am showing now blogger and nothing else.
You will see what website or something odd that is got you by the bad people.

Right click on the name once then click end task.

Poof it be gone.
Success saved you $75.00 and time from going to the local computer store  

Now install Microsoft Essentials and it will never happen again but if does you will know what to do.

Thank you